"The Bearded Skull & Co."


We are a non-profit brand with Eco-friendly/ Sustainable/ Fair-trade as guide-line.

But what does mean Non-profit exactly for us...

All the profits of the brand are donated to environmental associations chosen by customers when paying for their purchases.

The brand is not paying any salaries. This project is run by volunteers, therefore we can say that 100% of the benefits are going to support the ones you will choose.


This page will be constantly updated to inform you of the current situation of the brand on different themes ( last update: 13/12/2020 )



T-shirts: Stanley/Stella ( )
Hoodies: Stanley/Stella ( )
Tank-top: Stanley/Stella ( )
shoes: Best Group Footwear ( )
Bags: Stanley/Stella ( )
Cups: KeepCup ( )
Accessories: Fabrik 117 (jewellery,, MowgliMF ( patchs, MowgliMF )
Eco-printing: Shirtigo ( )
Eco-packaging: Noissue ( )
Shipping: DHL ( )
  Computer / Editing / Graphic advising and help: Nima Ashrafi ( nima.ashrafi )
list of associations:
Sea Shepherd via Sea Shepherd Germany -
Beach Cleaner - 
The Ocean Cleanup - 
SurfRider Fondation Europe - 
Mountain Riders -
We already know that we have a huge work to do in order to be totally neutral for the environment, but we will give our 200% to achieve this goal as soon as possible.
Actually the brand is able to offer Eco-friendly/ Sustainable/ Fair-trade products, using drop-shipping to reduce carbon emissions by transport. We do our shipping by for their Green Logistics program to achieve zero emissions by 2050.
We use recycled or bio-packaging from to be as much as possible Eco-friendly.
To read about our concern about environment, you can also have a look on the Materials page.