The Brand

After years of questioning how to combine passion for motorcycles, love for the ocean, fan of punk / rock music and environmental protection, a crazy project came to life wit the name of "The Bearded Skull & Co."

It is our way of helping to solve the urgent issue our planet is actually facing.

Ordering on our on-line shop means :

  • You contribute to reduce traditional textile production (huge actor in the pollution of our planet) by choosing eco-friendly/ sustainable/ fair-trade products.
  • All the profits from your purchases will be donated to the association you have chosen during the validation of your cart (in the message box, before the checkout).


The brand aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible, knowing that it is currently impossible for us to be 100% green.

Transparency is also an important point on which "The Bearded Skull & Co." will work non-stop in the same way as the constant evolution of the production process to become as quickly as possible completely neutral for the environment.

All this informations will be constantly updated on the "Transparency" page.